Listen to me acting in the Bell radio ad that’s on the air now


Currently all over the air is a radio ad I didn’t write, but I’m acting in. Yep, my agent called me about the audition, I auditioned for it and I got the part! That’s me as the guy outside the club, trying to tell my buddy that I’m leaving to get fries. He mishears. I think we’ve all been out for a fun night on the town and wound up in this situation, no? Too bad there was no room in the 30-second spot for the little improvisations that got me the role, such as me saying at the end: “I’m not your friend anymore.” Ah, yes – I’m so hilarious. Does anyone have Larry David’s phone number? Tell him how hilarious I am when improvising. Curb Your Enthusiasm is mostly improvised, you see. And I would like to be on that show. In the meantime, though, I’m in a Bell radio ad. Which you can hear by clicking here. Or clicking on the video below. (Informational tidbit: The day of the record, the cold that I caught in LA went full-blown, but I didn’t let that compromise my performance and everyone’s liking the spot! So… Yay for me! And… Yay for Bell! Use their mobility service!)

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