As Senior Copywriter for 15 years at Leo Burnett, Canada’s most award-winning agency, I wrote ads for the biggest brands and companies in the world, like Kellogg’s, P&G, Bell, IKEA, VISA, Smucker’s, Robin Hood, Toyota, Tylenol. I turned Gain Detergent from a little known name into one of P&G’s rare billion dollar brands. When Leo Burnett was pitching for Zellers, the whole agency was working on it, and I came up with a mom-centred campaign that won the account. When VISA was desperate for an idea to rival Mastercard’s “Priceless” campaign, the whole agency was on the case, and I came up with the “If life were like that, you wouldn’t need a Visa card” campaign that won at Cannes and lasted for years. When Tide in Japan was struggling, Leo Burnett sent me to Tokyo to help out a sister agency there because I was known as the detergent expert and the P&G client had worked with me in the U.S. and loved my work. A creative director at Leo called me the agency’s “secret weapon” they would send in when nobody else could crack a project. Clients benefited from my multiple talents – I acted in TV and radio ads, filmed and starred in a web series for Orville Redenbacher (for which I came up with the name Celebrity Josh), drew award-winning illustrations, and even wrote songs for TV commercials. My copywriting work has won the top awards in the world, like One Show, Clios and Cannes.


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