I talked about racism, Judaism and lesbianism on Humble & Fred Radio

For my 2nd appearance on Humble & Fred Radio, I sat with them for the entire show. It was recorded on March 14, 2013 and aired on humbleandfredradio.com, Newstalk 1010 CFRB and other radio stations.

My main stories in this episode:

At 00:05 minutes until about 00:14 – Discussion of racism and what kind of comedy is ok
At 00:51 minutes to 01:00 hour – Discussion of comedy about being Jewish and being gay, discussion of JDate.com and my story about being one of the few guys at the P!nk concert
At 01:09 hour to 01:10 – Discussion of how many dating sites I’m on, and about how dating sites are now a common way to meet people

You can view the promo video for the episode and listen to the podcast right on their site by clicking here.

Or just watch the video here:

And listen to the podcast at my own link:


I told Humble & Fred Radio what not to tell a girl in bed

What idiot would screw up guaranteed sex by telling the girl he’s in bed with that she reminds him of an unattractive 80’s sitcom actress? I would. Here’s me telling Humble & Fred Radio the tragic tale today.
Humble & Fred contributor Kelly Cutrara, hiding her morning face. I wish I had hair and/or a woman to hide my face behind, too.
Watching Humble & Fred do their thing, mere moments before I was unexpectedly invited into that empty chair to chat with them on air.

I told my trashed apartment story on DNTO

The January 12, 2013 episode of CBC Radio’s DNTO (Definitely Not The Opera) was about “How are you managing your debt?” (To see the web page for that episode, click here.) I was on the show telling the story about how I rented out my old condo for a night to help pay for my new condo that was being built. That one-night rental resulted in a huge party in which my apartment got trashed. Which resulted in me being on the American TV show Judge Karen’s Court. Yes, my life sucks. But at least it provides entertainment for all of America, and now all of Canada. To hear my story on DNTO, click on the orange arrow:

And here’s the Judge Karen’s Court episode mentioned in the story:
Here’s me telling the story in the CBC studio a few days before the show aired.

Here’s a screengrab from http://www.cbc.ca/dnto/episode/2013/01/04/how-are-you-managing-your-debt/ where they mentioned my story and included a link to my blog.

On CBC Radio’s DNTO revealing I’m gullible!

The Jan. 9, 2010 episode of CBC Radio’s Definitely Not The Opera was about Optimism. I told a story about how in university I was overly optimistic that my “friend” Grant back in Ottawa was telling the truth about things like his magic bicycle and his secret laboratory. There are many parts of this story that CBC didn’t have time to include. Fortunately, they’re all in the play I wrote on the subject. I’m optimistic that someone out there will hear the story and contact me to fund the play’s production. Heck, I’m sure that, amongst his other remarkable accomplishments, Grant is a multi-millionaire theatre empresario. “Josh Man! I heard your story on the radio! I’m going to produce that play for you. As long as you come out to a bar to pick up chicks with me!” To hear the tale, click here or simply click Play below.

Me on CBC radio talking about a letter I wrote from camp!

Below is a clip me of me on the CBC Radio show Definitely Not The Opera, in the episode “Feeling Homesick.” I tell a story about how homesickness affected my letter-writing at camp. In preparation for telling my story, I dug out all the old letters I’d written home from camp. Couldn’t find the massive one from the story, but my mom thinks she has it in her stuff. We should find it and donate it to science. Because as you can hear in this clip, even the expert psychologist has never heard of “this kind of obsessional letter-writing.” Yep, it’s nice to know that my neuroticism can even turn something as common as homesickness into a uniquely disturbing pathology.

My 2nd appearance on CBC Radio is telling a story about a fork!

In this episode of the CBC radio show GO! that I attended the live taping of, the host Brent Bambury was going through his shoeboxes of memorabilia and telling the “true” stories behind each item. To help him de-clutter, he asked some special guests (like Kids In The Hall’s Scott Thompson) to come up with their own theory of why Brent had that item, and if the audience liked the “made-up” story better Brent had to get rid of the item. I was pulled from the audience to be the first person to make up a story (subsequent story-tellers had written-up their stories beforehand). As you can tell from Brent’s reaction, the audience was supposed to like his story better and he was supposed to keep his fork. But he hadn’t counted on the hilariousness that is Josh Rachlis. As my Dad eloquently put it: “I’m so proud of you. You won a fixed contest.”

My 1st appearance on CBC Radio is as a perverted wine taster!

On Oct. 17, 2009, I attended the live taping of the CBC Radio show called GO! and was asked if I would go up and try the wine that the guests and host were trying. The host did a funny bit where he described the taste of the wine as, among other things, a “noble savage.” Then it was my turn. Naturally, I managed to turn an innocuous 10-second wine review on Canada’s national public radio station into an uncomfortably sexual situation.

My first two radio shows were a success!

In the past couple of days it has come to my attention that some people actually read this blog, looking for updates on upcoming Josh appearances and for information on how things went. So I would be remisce in my duties to my fans if I didn’t update this blog a bit more often. With, you know, Josh Rachlis News. Since this IS the Official Josh Rachlis News blog. And if I type in Josh Rachlis News one more time, maybe I’ll get more prominent placement in Google searches. Should someone be searching for Josh Rachlis News.

ANYway, apparently CFRB was very excited about the shows that Tony and I did and asked Tony how soon we could be ready to get back on the air. He of course answered that we’re always ready. So hopefully we’ll be filling in for someone again soon.

And by the way, CFRB mentioned that they got a lot of positive emails about us. So if you were one of the people that sent a note, thanks! The station loves to hear about what people enjoy listening to and it helps them decide whom to put on the air. Their site is www.cfrb.com and they have a Contact section where you can find email addresses to send your feedback to. Unless you have negative feedback about my shows. In which case, I’m just kidding – they don’t have a website at all.

Josh is doing a radio show on Newstalk 1010 CFRB on March 21 and 22!!!

I’m gonna be burning up the airwaves as I co-host the Nightside show with my friend Tony Daniels (who used to work with Howard Stern) from 11pm to 1am on Tuesday, March 21 and Wednesday March 22. This may lead to a lifetime of radio stardom. Or it may be the last time I’m ever allowed in front of a microphone. In which case you should listen in, as it may be your last chance to hear me on air. You should probably listen to the first night, actually. Just in case. Might not be given the second night. Haha! Just kidding. Of course I’ll be given the second night. And many more to come. Because I will be spreading love and kindness and laughter to the masses. And Lord knows, the world needs more love and kindness and laughter.

If you’re not in range of Toronto’s Newstalk 1010 CFRB (at 1010 AM on your radio dial), you can listen in at www.cfrb.com

And don’t be shy to call into the show! You may be our only listener.