Emma The Sleepy Comedian

Emma has over 80k followers at twitter.com/sleepy_comedian. She makes music and comedy to help her deal with challenges like Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic pain, depression, binge eating. She lives in England. She followed me on Twitter, and I saw her tweet that she wanted someone to interview her. I offered, and we did it over Skype. She was very patient while I tried to solve some technical glitches with my broadcast software – I even brought in the software creator to help. And then we got rolling, and I drew a cartoon of her, which she has made into her profile image. (Filmed Feb. 2, 2018)

Oh, and for some reason, this video wasn’t live on my Facebook, so my followers weren’t seeing it. That’s why none of my followers were commenting on it.

Rapper Won Now

Here’s my interview with rapper Won Now about his The DOT – Discover Opportunity Toronto show at York University’s Underground Campus Kitchen? The story: On Jan. 29, my neighbor Kathleen Larsen was at Shoppers Drug Mart and I walked over to meet her, to get groceries. I was looking at frozen burgers, when I heard an employee stacking a shelf behind me and singing along to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Free Fallin’ that was coming through the speakers. Without turning around, I said: “Is that an angel singing?” Then I turned around and said, “Oh, it’s you.” I don’t think “Colin” was impressed with my joke. But I added that he’s a good singer. I was looking at bags of burgers for $14.99, but then I noticed that the President’s Choice Canadian-Filled burgers were on sale for $5.99. They were on the top shelf and he reached them for me and I took three bags. He helped me check the expiry dates just to make sure there wasn’t a catch. I told him he could come to my place for a barbecue. Then I filmed me telling that story in my Instagram Story. I asked what his IG is so I could tag him. I quickly glanced at his page, and even though I didn’t see anything music-related, for some reason I asked “Are you a rapper?” and he said yes. I said I would interview him sometime. Then Kathleen and I walked to another aisle. A few moments later he ran into our aisle and told me he was doing a concert next week. I told Kathleen to film me doing a quick 60 second interview on the spot, to promote the show on Instagram. Then I asked for a selfie, and he taught me the finger sign he invented for his brand. W for his rapper name. I told him I’ve been trying to think of a finger sign for my selfies, like a CJ for Celebrity Josh. But his W is cooler.

Also, he wants to make patches with his logo and I told him I’d get Artik Toronto to give him a good deal to print his swag. If anyone reading this wants to print anything at Artik.com, from stickers to T-shirts and beyond, mention promo code Celebrity Josh for $25 off your order.


Vulture features my Doug Jones interview

Read the Vulture article featuring my interview here!

The story: My entertainment reporting is featured in Vulture – a huge New York Magazine pop culture site! In a profile of Doug Jones, star of The Shape of Water, they referenced my TIFF interview where I showed Doug a cartoon I drew of him. And the headline shows that the article was built around the question I asked Doug. It was a lot of work to draw cartoons of the celebrities. And it took a long time to upload the vids to all my social media. But as this shows, you never know which video, cartoon or post will be the one that leads to more. So you just have to persevere, like Doug has! The article says Doug‘s big break finally came when he was 46, when he thought his chance to become a name was running out. I’m almost that age. Maybe I’m on the same path as Doug?

Here’s my interview with Doug:

Toronto International Film Festival 2017

Watch all TIFF17 celebrity interviews in my YouTube playlist here or by clicking the top left corner of the video above.

For this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, aka TIFF, hashtag #TIFF17, I applied for a media pass and they said my reach isn’t quite big enough for a full week, but they gave me one for 2 days. Which was fine, because I got to pick the days, and I got the days with superstars and future ex-Mrs. Rachlises like Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain.

Leading up to the festival, I posted little videos of me preparing for the festival, such as getting the holes in my jeans repaired so I could impress Jennifer Lawrence, and expressing my love for Priyanka Chopra. I got supportive messages from the website eBOSS Canada and from a PR firm – The women running those places thought my little vlogs were hilarious.

Once TIFF was on, I ran around to red carpets and interviewed big stars like Jim Carrey and James Franco. Raquel, whom I met on the Shapr app, came with me as my videographer, which made things a lot easier than when I was using a tripod alone last year. And eBOSS sent me to do a couple more interviews after my media pass ran out. Oh, and my interview with Doug Jones wound up being featured in Vulture Magazine two months later!

For my interviews, I drew cartoons of the talent and showed the cartoons to them. As mentioned above, you can see these interviews in my TIFF17 Celebrity Interviews Playlist here. And I filmed some of the more entertaining pre-film speeches, which you can see in my TIFF17 Celebrity Speeches Playlist here.

I also posted photos of my cartoons, which you can check out by scrolling in the past on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.